Water Resources

Watershed master planning can be a complex and crucial part of a city or county’s master planning process. WRMA’s watershed planning process combines several facets of pre/post development planning, water quality planning, and master planning to develop Master Plans or modify existing plans to manage unpredictable and costly future water management issues.

Our planning approach begins with an analysis of existing water resources and includes stormwater management planning, green infrastructure integration and hydraulic floodplain analysis to determine if your project lies within or will impact the 100-year floodplain boundary. Through analysis of existing zoning plans and building codes, WRMA can craft a watershed masterplan based on both current and forecasted zoning as well as advanced hydrologic and hydraulic models to characterize the effects of current and future development on the surrounding water resources.

WRMA’s in-house hydrologic and hydraulic modeling capabilities can quickly identify required capacity needs and site all pipe, inlet, and manhole structures according to provided easements, right of ways or architectural site layouts. WRMA can also work with local public works departments to ensure proposed sewer systems can be permitted for construction and that adequate mainline service is available. Prior to construction, WRMA can provide bid packages including plan and profile drawings, specifications, details, and an opinion of probable costs for construction.

Our Water Resources capabilities include:

  • Watershed Water Quality
  • Watershed Environmental Assessment
  • Watershed Stream Restoration
  • Hydraulic Structure Design, Repair & Replacement