Municipal projects such as culvert, bridge, and roadway replacement in environmentally sensitive areas, present project tasks that must be carefully designed, planned, and permitted through the FDEP/SFWMD via the Environmental Resource Permit (ERP) process. WRMA has prepared numerous ERPs for private and municipal clients for projects including implementation of site stormwater management systems, landfill drainage systems, and roadway drainage systems.

WRMA staff has also prepared numerous environmental, site design, and sediment control permits for county, municipalities, State Departments and Water Management Districts. In addition to preparation, WRMA team members have also secured many regulatory permits for storm water-related projects including subdivision drainage ditch and roadside swale improvements and control structure installation. WRMA is also experienced with the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination Program (NPDES)/MS4 Permit program. WRMA has procured individual and general ERP permits, as well as NPDES permits for municipal and privately-owned landfills.