Grant Writing

With over $33 Million in awarded grants, WRMA has successfully assisted various public municipalities in the identification and acquisition of funding sources for capital improvement, water quality, stormwater, flood hazard mitigation, corridor renewal and economic development projects.

No matter the stage of project development, our experienced grant writing and engineering team can step in and support your pursuit by:

-Assessing your project objectives

-Identifying an appropriate grant program

-Pointing out often overlooked project or site specific elements

-Procurement of additional supporting engineering data

-Provide engineering exhibits or renderings of the project

-Provide conceptual engineering design plans for proof of concept

WRMA’s grant pursuit strategies are customized to our clients’ specific project needs and circumstances, and we do not subscribe to a one-size-fits-all approach in our grant writing services.

Our team can move your project towards “shovel ready” status.

With expertise in infrastructure design in both municipal urban and coastal settings, WRMA’s experience in sustainable green infrastructure design, and vulnerability risk adaptation analysis for coastal communities dealing with projected Sea Level Rise, is invaluable for communities seeking funding to move forward with resiliency enhancement projects.

WRMA can prepare a concise roadmap that will put your projects on the path to funding.

Below are some of the grant programs for which WRMA has experience in providing grant writing services for infrastructure oriented projects.

-Florida Resilient Coastlines Program

-FEMA Hazard Mitigation Program (BCA Ratio Analysis)

-Florida Coastal Partnership

-NPS Section 319


-Parks & Open Space Florida Forever

-Florida Recreation Assistance (FRDAP)

-Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability & Equity (RAISE)

-Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Rebuild Florida General Infrastructure

-National Culvert Removal, Replacement and Restoration (Culvert AOP)

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