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Serving the Property & Association Management Industry (15 + Yrs)

Water Resources Management Associates, Inc. (WRMA) is a Professional Engineering consulting firm catering to the property & association management industry and specializing in stormwater management, flood control and drainage systems for residential subdivisions, condominiums, golf courses, outdoor malls, shopping complexes, commercial properties, storage facilities, roadways and parking lots.

Having A Drainage Issue or Emergency?

Contact us to speak with an Engineer. We are happy to discuss any issues you may be experiencing and on request, can make site visits to determine the severity of the problem. Our on-site consultations are typically complimentary. Having served many property management firms and HOAs throughout South Florida for over 15 years, we've seen it all and can guide you towards the most cost effective solution to your problem.

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Alternatively, you can send us a quick message describing your issue or emergency, along with your contact information using our messaging application here. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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Professional Engineering and Consulting

WRMA specializes in providing professional engineering and consulting services to property & association management professionals seeking expert guidance in dealing with surface water and wastewater management issues relating to:

  • Flooding (of streets & parking lots);

  • Drainage system problems;

  • Expiring surface water management permits and ERP permits (SFWMD);

  • Groundwater well permits and consumptive water use permits (SFWMD);

  • Defected pipes, culverts and manholes;

  • Aging or defected private wastewater or stormwater sewer lines;

  • Problems in maintaining stormwater lake & pond water levels (pump issues);

  • Erosion of stormwater lake & pond banks and shorelines;

  • Common-area irrigation and reclaimed (IQ) water supply issues;

  • Certification of drainage system inspections prior to turnover of real estate properties;

  • Stormwater management system 10 and 20 year certifications;

  • Wetland or preserve issues and impact assessments;

  • FEMA Floodplain Encroachment Analysis (100-yr Base Flood Elevation);

  • FEMA Flood Zone Determination Certifications and Letter of Map Revisions (LOMRs).

Experienced and Responsive Service

Since 1997, WRMA's engineers have provided property & association management professionals with expertise and consulting services relating to inspections and permitting of surface water and/or stormwater management systems, stormwater management system 20-yr certifications and GIS database creation for asset management of stormwater and wastewater pipelines and manholes.

Permitting, Zoning & Regulatory Services

WRMA's staff is highly experienced in the coordination of project development and permitting processes with legal, zoning, transportation and building departments and has represented its clients in the property & association management industry at all levels of government.

Water Resources Systems Modeling Services

WRMA staff is highly specialized in engineering and computer modeling of surface and groundwater domains. WRMA staff is also proficient in the provision of wetland ecosystem modeling, groundwater and seepage modeling and floodplain mapping per the requirements of FEMA's Map Modernization (MAPMOD) digital mapping program.