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Yacht Club Drainage and Surface Water Management System Inspection
Yacht Club Property Owners Association, Stuart, FL

WRMA was retained by the Yacht Club to perform condition assessment and inspection of the subdivision drainage facilities infrastructure. The Yacht Club management had indicated that rain water on the roads and in the east and west dry detention ponds were taking a long time to drain out (3-4 days). The Surface Water Management System (SWMS) consists of catch basin inlets collecting runoff throughout the development and RCP storm sewer pipes varying in diameter from 15 to 30 inches conveying the runoff to two interconnected dry detention ponds (east and west).

The west and east dry detention ponds are connected by 24" RCP pipe. The east dry detention pond was connected to a control structure which includes a weir plate with a V-notch and an outfall pipe discharging to the intracoastal waterway.

The following remedies were recommended by WRMA to improve the performance efficiency of the dry detention system:

  • Sod or pave (concrete/bricks) the perimeter of the pop-up inlet grates to avoid sediment transport to the trenches. A 2’ x 2’ area around the perimeter of the inlet grate is sufficient;

  • Perform vacuum or jet hydraulic cleaning of the east dry detention 15” CAP to remove fine silts and sediments accumulated in the perforated pipe. Although this will remove the lighter sediments in the pipe, it may not unclog the rock grading and filter fabric within the trenches;

  • Run a small sump pump at the control structure to expedite the flow from the upstream side to the downstream side of the weir and induce a flap gate opening for discharge.

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