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Inspection and Certification of Commercial Facility Stormwater Management System
Vakharia Building, Plantation, FL

The Vakharia Building is a commercial office building located in Plantation, Florida within the jurisdiction of the former Old Plantation Water Control District. The facility included a stormwater management system composed of inlets, culvert pipes, drainage swales, retention/detention areas and a control structure discharging to an existing canal.

Problem: The site engineer of record requested that Water Resources Management Associates, Inc. (WRMA) perform a stormwater inspection and certification of the as-built stormwater management System.

Solution: WRMA defined the following project objectives:

  • Review of existing As Built Plans for the stormwater management system to be provided by the engineer of record;

  • Visual inspection of all the elements of the stormwater management system with photographic documentation;

  • Review of video inspections of enclosed inlet/culvert pipe system;

  • Preparation of Stormwater Inspection Report and Certification.

The scope of work entailed the provision of engineering consulting services to meet these objectives. WRMA reviewed existing engineering as-built plans for the stormwater management system and associated drainage discharge permits from the pertinent municipalities and regulatory agencies including Old Plantation Water Control District, South Florida Water Management District, and the City of Plantation. WRMA then performed visual inspections of all stormwater management system structures including catch basins, grates, stormwater manhole covers, headwalls, retaining walls, swales, detention/retention ponds, berms and sodding/grassing, weirs and baffles at control structures, outfall pipes and/or flumes, erosion control pads, etc. WRMA subcontracted the services of Florida Jet Clean to perform Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) inspections of the stormwater management pipes, catch basins and manholes. WRMA then reviewed the CCTV footage and provided a technical report with photographic documentation of broken and/or cracked culverts, pipes, leaks and recommendations for pipe rehab.

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