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Drainage Retrofit Design, Permitting, and Implementation Management
U-Store-It Storage, Stuart, FL

The U-Store-It site is located in the City of Stuart, Florida. The storage facility is approximately 9.1 acres and was built in 1986.

Problem: The site built in the 1980’s suffered from periodic flooding during periods of sustained or intensive rainfall events. Newer buildings were built surrounding the storage facility at higher elevations to conform with updated County and City development regulations. This caused ponding and flooding of the U-Store-It site because the internal drainage system was insufficient to retain, detain and/or discharge the excess flood volumes.

Solution: WRMA was retained to assess the causes of the flooding and design and implement a permanent drainage retrofit solution to avoid a repeat of the severe flooding impact. Initial field investigations indicated a highly undersized original drainage system and a perimeter outfall ditch overgrown with vegetation and partially blocked near its discharge point at a regional canal.

WRMA performed hydrologic and hydraulic (H&H) modeling which indicated that most of the U-Store-It site would experience flooding resulting from the occurrence of the 3, 5, 10 and 25-year, 24 hour storm events. Per the findings of the existing condition engineering analysis, a future drainage retrofit plan was formulated to provide a satisfactory flood protection level of service. To meet this objective the proposed improvements were structured within three phases as follows: Emergency Improvements Phase: This phase included improvements to the conveyance system, Phase I Improvements: This phase included improvements to the entrance area, Phase II Improvements: This phase included improvements which were not as immediate as the first two phases. WRMA prepared plans and specifications for pipes, culverts, drainage ditches and control structures, secured regulatory permits and conducted construction management inspections. All phases were completed within 90 days.

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