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Hydrologic and Hydraulic Assessment of Stormwater Management System
Poinciana Island Yacht and Racquet Club, Sunny Isles, FL

The Poinciana Island Yacht and Racquet Club (PIY&RC) site is an irregular rectangular-shaped parcel measuring approximately 16 acres. The island subdivision, developed in the early 1980’s, is connected via a single road and bridge to the west right of way of SR A-1-A (Dixie Highway).

Problem: The PIY&RC stormsewer and drainage system experiences periodic flooding. The system was planned, permitted and developed between 1979 and 1981 in four phases. Drainage modifications were made in the early 90’s due to the site experiencing frequent flooding of parking lot building basements and ponding of catch basin inlets along the streets. Flooding was still occurring in Phases 3 and 1-2 and additional modifications were made in the late 90’s to enhance subdivision drainage. The PIY&RC project site is heavily urbanized and rainfall quickly becomes runoff due to the lack of pervious areas for infiltration. The PIY&RC drainage network has continued to experience flooding problems.

Solution: WRMA has been retained to assess the status of the existing stormwater management system drainage level of service (LOS) and make recommendations for retrofit design alternatives. Proposed tasks include: 1) Conversion of engineering paper plans to an electronic format by development of a digital base map database inclusive of water, sewer and drainage systems (Existing engineering drawings circa 1980’s are deteriorating at a rapid pace and the PIY&RC runs the risk of permanently losing these paper records); 2) Development of a stormwater masterplan to assess the current drainage level of service (LOS) in the subdivision; 3) and contracting and management of a stormsewer cleaning and visual Inspection (Closed circuit TV or CCTV).

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