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Drainage Retrofit/Emergency Road Wash-Out Repairs
Palm Cove, Palm City, FL

The Palm Cove Subdivision is located in Palm City, Florida in Martin County. Formerly known as Cutter Sound, the upscale subdivision site included a yacht club and a golf course.

Urgent Problem: WRMA was asked to perform an emergency inspection of a road wash-out problem at the base of the SW Bridge View Terrace bridge crossing of a wetland/slough in the subdivision. Roadside runoff originating from the top of the bridge (The intersection of Bridge View terrace with SW Palm Cove Dr.), was jumping the concrete curve at the base of the bridge and washing out and eroding the adjacent shoulder and the soils underneath the concrete curve. The erosion had almost reached the subgrade and base formation and threatened the structural stability of the road. The severity of the erosion and the likelihood of the road subgrade and base deterioration required immediate action in light of the forecasted Hurricane rainfall potential for South Florida.

Solution: Under the direction of WRMA a crew was made available to work on Saturday to accomplish the emergency work. WRMA’s expedited engineering specifications and plans called for: 1.5 inches of Type S-2 Asphalt Concrete Surface Course, 6 inches of Limerock or Coquina Shell Base and 6 inches of subgrade compacted to 98% AASHTO standard. Per these specifications, the proposed emergency fix was implemented. The scour hole from road the wash-out at the base of the SW Bridge View bridge was filled with concrete and FDOT-approved base rock material and no longer threatens the road structure.

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