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Emergency Drainage System Retrofit
Palm Cove, Palm City, FL

The Palm Cove Subdivision is located in Palm City, Florida in Martin County. Formerly known as Cutter Sound, the upscale subdivision site included a yacht club and a golf course.

Urgent Problem: Excessive rainfall in the subdivision had caused a concrete walkway to a marina to collapse, subsequently eroding the shoulder of a road at the base of a wetland slough bridge crossing.

Solution: WRMA was retained to design, subcontract and manage the implementation of the drainage retrofit of the impacted areas on an emergency basis.

Working through a weekend, WRMA conceptualized, designed, subcontracted and managed the road embankment repairs to avoid failure of the road and/or bridge structure in advance of forested Hurricane rainfall.

WRMA also designed a new exfiltration trench and bypass diffuser outfall to control the seepage problem that caused the walkway to collapse. Once the seepage interceptor trench was constructed the walkway area was regraded, compacted and a new concrete surface poured in place. WRMA also assessed other localized drainage problems where the stormwater management system was underperforming causing excess runoff and ponding to occur near residential property.

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