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Subdivision Drainage System Condition Assessment
Olimpia Master Association, Wellington, FL

WRMA was retained to ascertain the current conditions of the drainage facilities, landscaping and irrigation. The drainage system was composed of a network of 4 major interconnected lakes, wetlands, inlet grates, stormsewers and control structures.

WRMA reviewed drainage plans, specifications and regulatory permits and made the following recommendations:

  • Soil testing be performed for the open grassed area south of the clubhouse building, the volleyball court area, the playground area and the open grassed area north of the pool deck prior to providing a redesign of the drainage system for these areas;

  • Automated landscape irrigation along the tennis court area should be fitted with rainfall sensors to avoid providing too much water during rainfall events;

  • Playground undergo drainage re-design with a sloping gradient from the center, a deeper sand base and concrete curbs (without cuts) with inlets, cleanout/sediment trap, and attached drain pipe;

  • Vacuum Truck with significant jet pressure cleaning capacity be applied to unclog the 6 inch U shaped channel drain;

  • Temporary shut off valves be provided for the open grassed area northwest of the pool deck to bypass this irrigation area and avoid the excess wetness;

  • Patio area southeast of the clubhouse building be provided with gutters connected directly to the grassed area draining to the east;

  • Pool washout line be provided with a better outfall structure that would trap any pool backwash discharge prior to entering the lake system (A siphon system with an inlet box with sediment trap and riser discharge);

  • Landscape crews should be instructed to avoid allowing grass clippings to enter inlet grates and lakes.

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