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Consumptive Water Use Permitting and Modification of Existing Surface Water Management Permit
The Oaks, Hobe Sound, FL

The Oaks is a 128 acre residential site in Hobe Sound, FL. The project originated as part of the Seawind Residential Development.

Problem: Develop alternatives to potable water use for irrigation of common areas.

Solution: Water Resources Management Associates (WRMA) was retained to provide consulting services to formulate and implement alternative water use options. The WRMA scope of work entails two phases. Phase 1: Due diligence regulatory and technical feasibility analysis for implementation of a new consumptive water use permit, and Phase 2: Preparation of a new consumptive water use permit and modification of an existing surface water management permit.

WRMA has completed the Phase I Due diligence and regulatory feasibility tasks. These entailed review of the existing South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) permits for the provision of surface water management and inherent permit conditions for use of lakes for irrigation. WRMA has also completed a Technical feasibility analysis. This task entailed the review of the surface water management system plans and specifications to ascertain the feasibility of modifications to the lake’s control structures to supply irrigation water volumes.

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