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Property Turnover Drainage Inspection
Marina Bay Condominiums, Miami, FL

WRMA performed a Condominium Association property condition assessment of stormwater management facilities including roof gutters, drainage inlets, catch basins, culverts and drainage plans and permits. There were two major building structures.

The major issues of concern were the flat area near the compressors at the top of Building 1030 and some leaks at the Clubhouse near the pool. WRMA identified the following issues during the drainage system inspection:

  • Sprinklers were older models but were functioning well;

  • There were a number of patios with concrete openings (unfinished concrete work);

  • Water ponds along the open hallways during rain (peepholes are too small or don’t work);

  • The pool deck drainage was in fair condition;

  • The Clubhouse and some of the buildings had fascia wood boards that were left unpainted;

  • There was a ceiling water leak inside of the clubhouse stemming from a flat area in the roof that otherwise pitches both ways;

  • The parking lot in the front and back of the buildings is cracked and needs resurfacing.

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