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La Gorce Country Club Tennis Court Complex Drainage Flooding Assessment
La Gorce Country Club, Miami Beach, FL

The La Gorce Country Club is an upscale Tennis and Golf Course facility located in the City of Miami Beach, Florida.

Problem: Flooding around the tennis center clubhouse had been a recurring issue, particularly immediately following intense storm events.

Solution: WRMA was tasked to address the flooding issues prior to a scheduled renovation that may take place in the near future.

During the inspection the tennis center clubhouse was found to not have adequate drainage. The lack of drainage facilities and the increases in impervious area from clubhouse prior expansions had created large volumes of stormwater runoff. The following WRMA recommendations are in the process of implementation:

  • Installation of an Underdrain System Along the Paved Walkway and Around the Clubhouse;

  • Replacement of the Existing Impervious Pavers with Pervious Pavers;

  • Cleanout the gravel planters on the western side of the tennis club house and fill with a new layer of gravel. Clean out the trench drain in front of the tennis clubhouse;

  • Remove the Existing Concrete Flume and Replace with Bio-Retention Garden;

  • Install a Green Roof atop the Tennis Center Clubhouse Structure;

  • Perform a CCTV Inspection of the Existing Sewer Lateral from the Tennis Clubhouse.

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