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Hydrologic and Hydraulic Assessment of Stormwater Management System and Drainage Design Retrofit
Danforth Creek Subdivision, Palm City, FL

The Danforth Creek subdivision is located in Palm City, Florida and its stormwater management system consists of four (4) interconnected lakes, inlets along streets and in open areas and two outfalls with control structures. The primary outfall discharges to the South Fork St. Lucie River via the Pipers landing Slough conveyance system (CS1). A secondary outfall discharges excess runoff to Danforth Creek (CS2).

Problem: Frequent flooding was documented by the POA at the SW Deepwood Pass inlets. These catch basins collected runoff from the SW Deepwood Pass right-of-way and the adjacent residences. Owners at lots 101 and 95, at the location of these inlets, were reporting 4-6 inches of flood depth.

Solution: WRMA was retained to investigate the cause of the flooding to determine system efficiency, perform retrofit design and obtain all pertinent regulatory permits for retrofit and operation of the Danforth Creek Subdivision surface water management system.

WRMA applied a hydrodynamic model to determine the individual behavior of each lake stage as a function of the interconnected system of culverts, inlets and control structures. The analysis concluded that the main discharge of the subdivision through the Piper’s landing slough outfall was not performing as designed. The constant high tail water condition at the Slough precluded the proper functioning of control structure CS1. WRMA performed alternative retrofit design analysis that included lake control structure CS1 and CS2 weir modifications that would allow for better bleeding or return of lake levels to the near normal stage condition and would relieve the flooding experienced in some parts of the subdivision. WRMA also recommended a replacement of sheet metal in CS#1 riser (with rusted areas and holes). WRMA prepare plans and specifications, prepared and processed a SFWMD permit modification, prepared engineering quantity take-offs, prepared bid documents and performed construction management of proposed improvements.

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