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Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) Video Assessment, Cleaning and Retrofit of Stormsewers
Danforth Creek Subdivision, Palm City, FL

The Danforth Creek subdivision storm water management system consisting of four (4) interconnected lakes was built in the early 1990’s. Three (3) smaller lakes are interconnected to a major central lake.

Problem: Built in the early 1990’s the Danforth Creek storm sewer system of lakes, inlets and corrugated metal pipe outfalls were showing signs of aging and a preliminary assessment of some of the lake outfalls had indicated severe rusting of culvert pipes.

Solution: WRMA was retained to subcontract and manage the implementation of a Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) inspection of the two (2) miles of Bituminous Coated Corrugated Metal Pipe (BCCMP), stormsewer system for clean up, service life status assessment and retrofit design. WRMA secured the services of Florida Jetclean America, LLC, to perform High flow pipe de-silting and vacuum extraction and Color video-inspection (tractor driven/pan and tilt). The site was CCTV- assessed from June 26, 2008 to July 24, 2008. The Jetclean crews worked from Monday through Friday from approximately 7 am to 4 pm. The work was completed within 15 full working days as stipulated by contract. CCTV assessment results indicated fairly uniform pipe wear through the entire system (approximately a 30 to 35 % degree of wear). Leaves and yard waste was very commonly present in pipes. Structural findings included holes in pipe at end segment, tree root infiltration and pole through one pipe. The six (6) end pipe segments were found to have significant structural pipe deterioration with holes varying in diameter and the most likely reason for the pipe rusting at the end section was due to exposure to sunlight/ultraviolet light. Per WRMA recommendations, these 6 pipes were rehabilitated with new end segment liners.

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