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Kissimmee River Floodplain Restoration - Hydrologic, Hydraulic Engineering Analysis Of The K. Hyatt and A. Mack Agricultural Tracks, Osceola County, FL

Problem: he South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) is in the process of implementing the hydrologic restoration of the Kissimmee River floodplain. In the 1950’s the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) canalized the Kissimmee River as part of the Central And Southern Flood Control Project. The canalization had a major negative environmental impact to water quality discharges to Lake Okeechobee. The current SFWMD/USACE Comprehensive Everglades restoration Plan (CERP) has undertaken the restoration of the historical Kissimmee River floodplain.

Solution: This project entails detail topographic surveying of the site, and detailed engineering assessment of the Hyatt and Mack Agricultural Tracks to implement higher Kissimmee River water levels from a pool elevation of 52.0 feet NGVD to 54.0 feet NGVD. Tasks include GIS and CAD database development, hydrologic hydraulic modeling of surface and groundwater domains to ascertain seepage through existing dikes, and the impact to the hydroperiods of existing littoral wetland formations, and to upland agricultural operations. Based on the results of the detailed H&H and groundwater modeling analyses, an engineering plan was formulated to implement the higher water levels without impacting the operation of the site’s drainage systems of pump discharge supporting existing cattle grazing and agricultural operations. The plan include building dikes around the areas exposed to the floodplain of the Lake and the upgrading of culverts and pumps to accommodate the additional seepage and tail water discharge elevations. Four (2) 25 and (20 50 cfs pumps were specified for the engineered solution at an approximate cost of 1.8 million. Cost estimates of construction were prepared for B/C analysis and project implementation in lieu of impacted land purchase by the SFWMD. WRMA is currently assisting the SFWMD Land Acquisition Dept. to assess the cost of impacted areas of ownership. The results of the assessment will be compared to the cost of the engineered solution for final settlement.

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